How to Fix Send/Receive Message Errors in Outlook?

If sending or receiving of Microsoft Outlook emails suddenly freeze and Outlook seems to be crash, then it’s a sign of error occurrence in Outlook. Along with a crash, it’s also shows various kinds of errors messages on the screen like “The server could not be found”, 0x800ccc79, Error code: 0x8004210b etc. In worst cases, Outlook does not allow users to access it.

There is Couple of reasons due to which Outlook’s users encounter errors. These errors can be a reason for further damage and corruption of Outlook PST file and others important associated items such as calendars, contacts, attachments and much more.

Might be, lots of users not aware about these errors, their reasons and specially one “How to fix them by following different instructions and by using inbuilt utilities of Microsoft.

We can solve these issues by following a bunch of methods provided by Microsoft. But Before all of that, the user should know deeply about errors (codes) and reason behind these errors.

There are more than dozen of errors which generally occurred in Outlook and lists of them are:

MS-Outlook Error messages along with error codes:

image 1

Fix or Resolve Outlook Errors Codes by various ways:

Microsoft always ready to help their users in every aspect, whether it's "Help" section in each Microsoft' product or "Online Customer Support". Even Outlook has lots of features which can easily fix and resolve Outlook errors or simply by following some list of instructions, you can also get overcome from errors in Outlook.

Have a Look on List of methods to Fix and Resolve the Outlook Errors:

To Run Outlook in Safe Mode: Type "outlook.exe /safe" in the search box. (Window 7)

Most of the times, one of these methods rectify the errors and resolve them, but in other cases when the level of damage and corruption is high, then these inbuilt features do not give any relax from the above errors.

In such circumstances, users have to go for any third party utility which can help them to repair or recover their necessary Outlook’ data and PST file in a healthy way.