How to Fix Damaged Microsoft Outlook Calendar Entries?

Microsoft product Outlook 2003 and 2007 are stable on most of the parts, but some time you experience problem with calendar entries. The specific behavior of this problem is that an old appointment reminder will pop up when you open a Microsoft Outlook and when you click dismiss, receive following message:

image 1

Closing reminder window will silence the reminder, but next time when you open the window it return back. Microsoft knowledge base does not seem to resolve issue; aside Outlook 2000 old bug calling attention was fixed by a service pack.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Solution I’ve come up to fix calendars problem in Outlook 2003:

If you don't succeed at first

This message means appointment information has been reset and corrupted appointment portion has been removed.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

When I update Outlook from 2003 to 2007, the reminder problem gets repeated over there. It solution is to Outlook 2003.

You see a series of error messages in the dialog box that show appointment has not been deleted, recurrence info not located, and sender may not receive appointment update. In spite of all these Outlook appointment can be deleted.

Removing or deleting Outlook 2003 appointment doesn't work always. But this problem does not occur in Outlook 2007 you can easily delete corrupt appointment in it.