Divide Corrupted PST file with Superior Quality

Reasons behind Corruption in Outlook PST files

Like the other database files, Outlook PST files can also get corrupted due to various common reasons like Virus and Trojan attacks, oversizing, failure of Storage device, abrupt shutdowns of application, power failures and many more, but, the most common reason behind the corruption of PST file is oversizing . In Outlook 2002, 2000 and 97, PST file has a size limit of 2GB and when it reaches or exceeds its size limit, it gets corrupted.

Divide Corrupted PST file

If you are an Outlook user and you want to divide corrupted PST file then, you need to perform repairing of PST file before its division into smaller files. So, to recover PST file from all the critical situations of corruption or damage, Outlook Recovery software is the right solution and to divide corrupted PST file after its recovery with a recovery tool, Split PST software is the excellent solution for you as,this software offers different features i.e.,

Split PST Tool to Divide PST files

Dividing of PST file is helpful in avoiding the corruption or damage in PST file due to oversizing because you can easily divide large PST file into smaller PST files. Dividing of PST file is also helpful in increasing the speed and performance of Outlook because Outlook starts performing slow, when its database file, PST reaches or exceeds its size limit of 2GB.

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Download test stimulator divide 50 Outlook data files into smaller fragments.If you select " Split PST by Folder" option then you will be able to split 10 emails from each PST without any cost. If you want to divide more Personal Storage file size then purchase full pro version for Personal License only $49 and $129 for bussiness key. For any asisstance, you can contact our technical team executive 24X7 hours .

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