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The need for analyzing email messages by forensic experts arises due to day-by-day increase in cybercrime cases. Amongst the cyber space crimes that happen around the globe, 90% are executed through emails. Our Email Forensics software is a commendable solution that offers help to examine emails by providing headers' hex view, MIEME view, HTML/normal view so that the actual routing of the mail message can be determined.

The emails that are sent to people with wrong intension like for identity theft or for cyber bullying comprises of spoofed header where the genuine details of the sender are being forged. Our software to analyze forensic email is developed with foolproof techniques that aid the experts bring crime into justice. With our eDiscovery solution, emails of file format- PST, EML, MSG, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, TMM, TBB, EDB, OST and OLM can be analyzed with no requirement for their corresponding email client installation on system.

An Example of Cybercrime through Emails

Sometimes when you login to your email account, you receive some unexpected messages like LOTTERY win, JOB proposals, updates from BANK, profitable INVESTMENT plans, discount in SHOPPING from online portals etc. Actually, such email aims at identity theft that takes you to a fake website where when you enter the account details, you confidential information is compromised. This way is fraud is known as phishing that can be avoided only if you remain careful. But if in case you fall prey to such provoking advertisement due to which you unfortunately have to confront personal or monetary loses, then analyzing email messages is the reliable idea to get rid of such situation. Legal complaints against attempt to such scams should be done so that no other person becomes the victim of such fraudulent schemes.

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Key features: Forensic Cyber Crime Examiner

The software for digital email examination recovers corrupt and deleted mail messages. After examination, the software provides option to export the evidences in PDF, EML, HTML and MSG file format.

The software provides absolute header details providing a solution for how to analyse mail header. The software provides complete information about email header so that actual information about the sender can be found out.

The software for analyzing email messages is embedded with powerful search option renders a way for easy explore of evidences by any keyword, date or subject of the email, file format of attachment etc. The software for also illustrates answer for how to collect forensic evidence as there is an option available for creation of complete case report.